About us



Who We Are

The Barry Agency is an entertainment agency and speakers bureau.  It was started by Lisa Barry in 1991, is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and features a wide variety of clean entertainers and speakers.   The agency's talent base includes speakers, emcees, comedians, illusionists, musicians and mimes.

What We Do 

We partner with colleges and universities seeking to book an appropriate talent for an upcoming event.  Our niche is clean entertainers and speakers and our primary focus is to make our clients successful.  Only the best speakers and entertainers will get you the success you desire.  We act as a liaison between colleges and the speaker / entertainer to clearly define the needs of the event and create a win-win solution.  If we cannot meet your needs with the talent that we represent directly, we will do a search for the talent needed.  We have an internal data bank of third party performers and speakers that we can also partner with for your event.

No matter the occasion, you should be able to find the talent you need at our agency.  Within this web site, we make your search easier by offering multiple navigational paths.  You can perform a search by:

  • Name

  • Talent Type (athlete, comedian, juggler, speaker..)

  • Event Type (Comedy Night, Debate, Family Weekend, Student Entertainment, etc...)

  • Topic (Attitude, Change, Character Development, Leadership, Motivational, social issues...). 

We will also help you market your event by providing promotional materials (posters, handbills...) and make suggestions on how to attract more people to your event.

Who We Represent

We represent clean public speakers and entertainers who would ideally fit one of your on-campus events.  We represent other performers that you will not see here because they are not as suitable for the college market.  We have your back --- we only offer up experienced entertainers and speakers that would be a hit on your campus.     We represent clean entertainers and speakers who will not offend your audience with inappropriate language.   

The Benefits We Offer

The Barry Agency provides many benefits to the event planner and to the speaker / entertainer.   We offer the following services with each engagement:

  • Entertainment and Speaker advice tailored to your specific needs.

  • Research for requested talent.

  • Negotiation of logistical details.

  • Brokering of an agreement (booking) between you and the talent in the form of an official contract.

In short, we handle the many entertainment details so that you can concentrate on the rest of the event.

Your Event Partner

We will spend the time necessary to help you find the best talent for your event.  The only way that we can be successful is by helping you be successful.   We are innovative, creative and have a multitude of resources for your event.

Contact us today so that we can help make your event a great success!