Billy Jo Young

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Location: Destin FL
Genre: Pop / Rock / Soul
Options: Solo

  • "I write and rhyme words together rhythmically at different frequencies."  -- Billy Mauldin

  • Billy's first single “Young” was nominated for “Song of the Year” at Festival South in Hattiesburg, MS and Quarter Life Crisis was named “Best Album” at the festival’s awards show. 

  • Singing inspirations include Ryan Tedder from One Republic, Jon Bellion, Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran.

  • Billy’s sound is an acoustic combination of pop, rock, and soul and he enjoys using his loop pedal to create a more dynamic sound.   His set includes songs from James Brown, Ed Sheeran, Tracy Chapman, and even a creative rendition of Fetty Wap.  He became serious about music after an injury from football when he broke his arm in a scrimmage in high school and was unable to do a lot of things he took for granted having two arms.  He decided that as soon as his arm healed, he would learn how to play guitar, which he did (Billy: "You can learn anything from YouTube").Billy hopes that one day he will be lucky enough to sing to a crowd that sings back the lyrics he wrote in his bedroom. It’s a long shot he figures, but crazier things have happened.   


The singer was great, he had a rich and strong voice which helped this song out amazingly. He reminds me of a young Jason Mraz. 

The music is super catchy and easy to remember. I like what he's talking about and the meaning behind it.

Very good vocals... the lyrics are well written, fresh, and contemporary.