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Brian Wight

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Musical Comedian
Location: Nashville
Desc: Comedy + Pop / HipHop Music

"I have no idea of what I'm doing - But I'm trying my best." - Brian Wight

Fun-loving and adventurous, Brian Wight delivers the fun as he gets everyone to their feet dancing, singing and laughing.  What else do you want in a show?  Brian is a triple threat entertainer: comedian, impressive vocalist and clever & skilled rapper.   Brian has the charismatic ability to entertain with humor and crowd interaction.  He is uniquely talented artist that brings the party and the heart all in one package.  And Brian also brings the experience having performed in every state and internationally.

And Brian is a normal and relatable guy who likes to poke fun at himself.  None of us really know what we are doing in life, Brian is just someone who freely admits it through his humor and music.  


Fast, funny, melodic and most of all, talented.  A young and very talented self-motivated musician who's really onto his own grove, his own zone.It's difficult to compare Brian to anyone else because he's burning his own artistic path.

Lost Canyon camp with you was so much fun 2016 I love, your songs and their stories behind them.


-AJ from Chandler,AZ


Absolutely Amazing!

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