Carla Stream

Pro Life Speaker

Carla Stream speaks with conviction as an over-comer who encourages others to stay strong.  Her courage to tell her story and save lives is inspiring to all!           

Carla Stream is a prolife speaker who tells the story of her abortion experience and forgiveness in Christ. She refutes the lies of the abortion industry with the truth of her experience and leads others to the forgiveness she has found. God has given her this platform for her good and His Glory.

The Lord continues to redeem her pain.  There are 3 baby girls (that she knows of) that are alive today because she told her story.  Her story illustrates that there isn't ANYONE that is beyond the saving grace of Jesus.  No matter what someone has done God can and will rescue, restore and redeem.  There is joy in sharing with others what she has learned!

Location: Hudson, WI
Expertise: Pro-Life, Abortion


"I  see that, out of such a terrible decision, much good came. You will not know in this life just how many lives were saved because you chose to speak out against abortion and to counsel women for life. (One day, you will know!) You have credibility because of your experience."   

"Your bravery in always speaking out despite the hate some hurl at you astounds me. I admire you so very much Carla."

"Carla is a gentle speaker with a ferocious commitment to life.  Her words are backed up by a profound commitment to service.  For nearly six years, I have witnessed her tireless, hands-on advocacy for women, their unborn children and their families -- all while raising four beautiful children of her own."