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Carla Stream

Pro Life Speaker
Location: Hudson, WI
Expertise: Pro-Life, Abortion

Carla Stream is a warrior for the sanctity of human life who speaks for those who have no voice. Her courage in telling her story and saving lives is inspiring to all! 

Carla is a pro-life speaker who tells the story of her abortion experience and forgiveness in Christ. She refutes the lies of the abortion industry with the truth of her experience and leads others to the forgiveness that she has found. God has brought purpose to her deepest pain. For her good and for His glory.

There are 5 babies(that she knows of)that are alive today because she told her story. Carla emphasizes that there isn't ANYONE that is beyond the saving grace of Jesus. No matter what someone has done, God can and will rescue, restore and redeem. There is joy in sharing what she has learned!


Carla, your soft spirit filled persona continues to draw people in and encourages them to get involved or to seek help.

God has had and continues to have a plan for you. The true story you tell is for those who are broken by the decision of abortion.

Continue to do as God has equipped and blest you for the benefit of those that need to hear your voice.

Thank you and blessings always. 

John Danneker
President of the Board of Options for Women

I am reduced to tears—tears, thinking of the pain you suffered, tears of gratitude that you are still here, tears of joy that you know firsthand of God’s generous mercy and grace, tears for your willingness to share the truth in such a vulnerable and beautiful way so that others will know it before it’s too late.

Joanne W

I just finished listening to you testimony. Thank you and God bless you. Your willingness to share your story is amazing and powerful. It’s not easy to be open and honest about the darkness in our lives. But every time you do it  you are offering help and hope to women who are suffering in silence. I wish every woman contemplating abortion could listen to you story before making the worst mistake of their lives. Thank you for putting yourself out there sharing your story and your faith.

Stacy E

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