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Cecilia Grace

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Acoustic Pop Singer / Songwriter
Location: Rehoboth Beach, DE
Genre: Pop / Acoustic
Options: Solo, Band
Artist Site:

Her fans describe her as hilarious, sweet, with a spunky spirit that they are drawn to, and with the voice of an angel.

Cecilia Grace leaves audiences stunned by their breathtaking harmonies.  The music is catchy & upbeat and the shows are major-league fun.  She is best known for their chemistry and the interplay of their vocals that complement each other in harmony, rhythm and tone to seemingly create one melody.  What's not to like?  

With her powerful vocals, Cecilia has won multiple awards including Baltimore Idol winner and the Voices of Baltimore.   If you like hits by Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Fleetwood Mac, Backstreet Boys, The Weeknd, or Drake, you’ll like her “Cecilia-Graced” style. 


Cecilia has played over 400 shows across dozens of cities in the United States and the Philippines including 14 college shows and numerous festivals.


I first heard Cecilia Grace play at an open mic 3 years ago in Frederick. I knew immediately that she was going to do big things. She was so polished and professional.   With her styling of covers, great originals, and passionate guitar work she is a force to be reckoned with.

  -   Frederick Acoustic Music Enterprise    (F.A.M.E.)

You fall in love with every song, every harmony, every lyric. She captures your heart and soul and runs with it!  True stories of love and loss, heartbreak and happiness. Truly beyond her years...It's an experience that cannot be described in words!  Close your eyes, listen...and be taken away with pure beauty and passion.  I will honestly say "I knew her when"... They're that good! Just say'n.

- Victoria and Albert Hair Studio

Wow! That cover of "Fix You" just blew my mind! Amazing, incredible voice. I hope you go very far! 

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