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Chris Grace

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Location: Boston
Genre: Mentalist
  • Carl Wockner was named the first and ONLY Australian artist to ever win Top Honors at the International Acoustic Music Award’s 2015 (USA).

  • Awarded “Best Male Soloist” (Scope Magazine 2011).

  • Carl's album Crayon Days has received a 2016 IMA (Independent Music Awards) Finalist nomination for Best Adult Contemporary Album. 

  • Carl was also named a finalist in three categories at the 2012 and 2013 MusicOZ awards: Acoustic Singer/Songwriter, Blues and Roots, and Pop.


He will mess with your mind!  And you'll like it!  What other entertainer is a mentalist, magician, hypnotist and comedian?  Answer: None!  Chris Bolter's unique show will have you talking to others, in addition to yourself, well after the show.Christopher Bolter: A Sharply dressed, mind messer-upper! 
Here's the routine: Chris reads your mind in some spectacular way, your mouth falls open, eyes grow wide and you say "no way!" or "that's sick!" or "get out of my head!".  And then you want to see another trick - over and over again because you can't figure it out.  You then know why he gets nothing but rave reviews for his clean, yet mind-blowing shows from colleges around the country.Whether its investigating the mind of a hypnotized audience member or defying death with a paint ball gun and a rubber chicken, Chris Bolter is a magician with a twist!  No wonder colleges claim that he is one of the most entertaining and mind bending magicians our there!  He books well over 250 performances each year and is quickly becoming one of the most requested entertainers around.

Chris has become a favorite at colleges around the country who look for something... a little different. Headlining at some of America's most prestigious colleges keeps him at the top of his game with a devilishly clever performance style and original material!  

His humor has been compared to George Carlin and Dennis Miller and he has won over 25 national and international magic and performing awards!  Steven Tyler from Aerosmith has seen him perform over eight times, and Steve Martin called him "extremely talented." Christopher showcases hysterically clever demonstrations of the mind, designed around audience interaction and synergy! Boston Magician Chris Bolter uses the forces of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship to lure his audiences into a provocative ensemble of theatrical hilarity and amazement.


“Absolutely Amazing!”

Harvard University

“Totally Hilarious!”

University of CT

“That was insane!”

Springfield College

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