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Chandler Reed

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Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Genre: Inie Pop / Piano Rock
Options: Solo, Band
Artist Site:

Nerdy. Piano. Rock. Chandler Reed is an indie-pop piano-rock musician born out of our quirky, techie, 90's kid brains. He learned piano when he was a kid, ditched it in his teen years because guitar looked cooler, then came back to piano when he saw myself in its unassuming character.  He draws influence from modern piano rockers like Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, Jukebox The Ghost, and Ben Folds.  Chandler grew up on energetic rock like Bruce Hornsby, Bon Jovi, and Journey. 

If you like quirky, indie, piano-rock, Chandler is your guy!


But wait.  There's more!  If you need a bigger sound for a bigger event, Chandler Reed and The Sticky Keys is a band that is all about the fun!  Chandler:  "We just want to make music we’d like if we were still 16, jamming out in our parents basement. "


"Rudden with nonstop energy and constant motion." 



"Super tight and a great, energetic set."

"Made me smile a bit too much."


"Usually not into this kind of stuff but this is really good. I think what I like the most about it is that you guys sound super authentic."

"My feet are groovin."

"Never heard of this before but sounds pretty fire."

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