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Bill Arnold

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Desc: Comedian, Comic-Magian, Emcee
  • Stand-up comedian, comic-magician & emcee. 

  • Performed all over the country including major city comedy clubs, corporations, associations, and other special business and non-profit events - large and small.

  • Co-created, produced and starred in one of the “longest-running, funniest shows in America” - Triple Expresso.  Opening in 1996 at the Cricket Theatre in Minneapolis, Triple Expresso became the biggest hit in the theatre’s 26-year history. The show has played to over 2 million people across 50 cities and 6 countries.  

Comedian Bill Arnold is a big hit for any faith based event!  His deadpan style of comedy with his bad magician shtick makes for a hilarious combination!  If you want your event filled with laughter, Bill does fill the bill - big time.  He is a member / co-creator of the longest-running and funniest show in America: Triple Expresso!  And he has been a very successful standup comedian appearing at comedy clubs, corporate events, schools and various organizations across the country.   

Bill has broken records for faith based fundraiser events in terms of size of audience and funds raised!

Memo to event organizer: Bill will make you look great!


Bill was great! We all love him!


  - Chris Sundeen

Meadow Creek Christian School


Bill Arnold is an amazing magician. His bad tricks are hilarious. 

 - Seattle-Post Intelligencer

He gives up the old boy humor, making fun of himself, not others. 

 - The Wall Street Journal


“he's genuinely funny with a great sense of timing”

 - Chicago Sun Times

Bill Arnold is excruciatingly funny.

 - The Minneapolis Star Tribune


....a crackerjack magician!

 - Los Angeles Times

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