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Location: Minneapolis, MN
Desc: Clean Stand-Up Comedian; Improv, Music
  • Comedy suitable for all ages.

  • Juice has performed all across the Mid-West region in cities and clubs such as Minneapolis,Mn; St. Paul, Mn; Milwaukee and Madison, WI; Chicago, etc.

  • Juice recently released the 1st comedy music album in the MidWest and the 4th in the country.


Juice brings a home-style energetic type of comedy to the table.  He likes to bring positive comedy to the stage and flip real life issues and problems and make them into something people can laugh about. Juice talks about the struggles he went through as a child and makes them into a joke. He brings positive comedy to the stage and flips real life issues and problems and makes them into something people can laugh about.   Juice not not only performs traditional stand up but creates humorous songs with jokes and punch lines in the music. What makes his comedy stand out is that with every set he brings he loves to leave his audience with a positive message or "Comedy With A Purpose".  His set will leave you encouraged, empowered, and most importantly laughing. 

"God has given me a gift and I praise him and thank him everyday for it." But Juice doesn't just talk about, he is about it.  All of Juices' comedy incorporates his faith, either its talking about church struggles or just remixing all the famous bible stories, Juice brings God into everything he does. "I am His creation and I must glorify The Creator with my talents in some way".

Juice is a clean family oriented comedian from Minneapolis, MN and his comedy is suitable for all ages.  He has performed in Comedy Clubs, Churches, Colleges, State Fairs, and Outreach Events all over the country.   


At that point during orientation weekend, many students start to wonder if they belong — and Juice was able to provide a comedic relief that connected with the audience. Juice told stories that were both funny and poignant, which appropriately balanced reality that life is comical and challenging. We will without a doubt invite Juice back to our campus!!! It was a smashing hit. 

 - University of Northwestern - St. Paul

"He was delightful to talk with and very down to earth.   He connected with the students and they all thought he was funny and were very engaged.    We appreciated that his humor was relevant to teens but clean."


- Heritage High School 

"His show was awesome!  It was so funny, I cried I was laughing so hard.  And I bought the CD!"


"I thought it was great how he combined comedy and music.  I havent seen that before.  Very unique.  And he kept up the energy throughout the show."

 - Audience Feedback

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