Cooper and Gatlin

Singer-Songwriter Duo 
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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Indie Pop
Artist Site:

Cooper & Gatlin are a brother and sister pop duo that seamlessly blends together elements of acoustic and electronic music.  Call it acoustic-meets-electronic if you will (they do).  Audiences are drawn in with the duo's lush harmonies, tight melodie and playful brother-sister dynamic.    Their playful, needling energy that comes from siblings, just adds to an already fun show.  Their disparate influences range from The Kooks and Nickel Creek (Cooper) to Kevin Garrett and Norah Jones (Gatlin).  By forging their inspirations, the duo recently wrote a batch of new left-of- center pop songs that include their electronic-meets-acoustic debut single “Break.” 

Both Cooper and Gatlin have appeared in a number of videos, commercials and television shows and Gatlin was cast as the character Emily in the NBC mini-series “Heroes Reborn.” 

"Ultimately we want our music to be uplifting without being cheesy.  We want someone to feel better after listening to it, but something that comes from solidarity and feeling like you are in a similar place as the person who's singing."  - Cooper

"We don't want to drag people down and say 'We hate the world!' or 'Everything sucks!'  That's never going to be us.  We're always trying to be redemptive."  Gatlin


You guys rock! Loved it


Can't wait for them to get mega famous!


You will be great one day! Trust me!


Oh man, you guys killed it! LOVE IT


Their sound is mature and feels advanced in their years as a duo.  Cooper and Gatlin could easily be on the radio.

  -Veracious Magazine


Most artists take a while to find their sound, but Cooper and Gatlin have got theirs down.  They've found their voice.  The catchy beat, clever lyrics and smooth vocals make for a perfect addition to all of your playlists.

  - Affinity Magazine

If you guys aren't amazing I don't know the meaning of this word!


OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY!!!!! You two are amazing please don't stop!!!! I need more. I could listen to your music all day.


WOW!!! Cooper - your vocal range!!! Wow!