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Critters & Company

Student Education Program

Talk about a unique and high-quality show!   Critters and Company offers wildlife shows with a purpose.  Programs are based on the belief that successful families are the heart of a nation.  The  Spiritual Friends Program promotes interaction and individual discovery while fostering an understanding of others and our relationship with Jesus Christ through proven innovative techniques.  Christians are trained on how to care for themselves and their neighbors.   The company's use of live animals provides a realistic approach to address  tough personnel issues.  


The programs captivate student audiences with character based messages reinforced through the use of animals.  It's a fact: instructional messages combined with the use of live objects results in a visual stimulation increases memory retention.   Critters & Company combines main presenter Greg Olson's experiences of working with young people and their families with stories and live animals to inspire each of us to make a difference.  In the program, Critters & Company takes basic concepts of friendship and responsibility and illustrates them through the God-given characteristics of each animal.


Note - Due to animal licensing that varies in each state and due to the physical toll put on the animals while traveling,  Critters and Company usually restrict their travel to Minnesota.

Location: Buffalo, MN
Expertise: Bullying, Character Development, Respect, Relationship Building 

Violence Prevention  & Character Development Program:  


It is recommended that each presentation be done in the order they are listed below.

Friends and Choices

The Friends and Choices progam uses animals and storytelling to stimulate awareness of:

  • Personal space

  • Dangerous attitudes and

  • Quality friendships


Teasing Harassment in Disguise

In your school of workplace the awareness of:

  • Whose interpretation counts

  • The growth of empathy

  • The skills to manage inappropriate teasing and harassment 

is demonstrated through stories and live animals of Critters and Company.

Attitudes That Make  a Difference

Using live animals and storytelling, Critters & Company challneges your audience to incorporate attitudes of:

  • Flexibility

  • Respect

  • Curiosity and

  • Persistence into their lives

Diversity: The Spice of Variety

Critters & Company brings awareness to the beauty of diversity and how our differences add a depth of seasoning to our lives.

Other Programs


Building Sensitivity (Staff & Students)
Critters & Company, combines main presenter Greg Olson's experience of working with teenagers and families with stories and live animals to inspire each of us to make a difference.  This presentation explores expectations in the work place, preconceived concepts and how to capture incidental educational opportunities.   Recommended in conjunction with "Friends & Choices" presentation.

When Bad Things Happen Keep It Simple (Staff)

Each school, business, and family can make a difference by providing a safe place to grow and be productive.  This presentation explores perceptions, protocols and how to minimize disaster by recognizing the foundation motivation before it becomes explosive.

Capturing Teachable Moments (Staff)
Critters & Company's program captivates your attention while exploring in depth our differences.  Various animals are used to build trust and impact the retention of the material for the participant.  Ask about our managerial follow-up training entitled "Capturing Teachable Moments."

Team Building (Staff)

This presentation develops the fundamental skills that teams use to build their success on.  It is designed to minimize the hindrances to quality team work and to promote efficiency.   Participants will view and hear concepts related to the animals that applies to their team building experience.  They will then participate in complementary skill developing exercises.


"All of the assemblies that have been done in my schools have addressed good character and non-violent behavior. The assemblies are well thought out and address such issues as harassment, bullying, respect, responsibility and good citizenship.  In a quite caring delivery, the Olsons are able to create scenarios for children that are easily understood and relevant to life at school, home and in their neighborhoods."

"Through the use of their exotic animals the stories are told and the children are asked to respond to situations they may on the playground, in the classroom, or on the school bus.  Their presentations are done in a straightforward manner , no unnecessary frills, just creating for children opportunities to make good choices.  There has never been an assembly where every child wasn't engaged and the children wanting more of their time. " 

"So seldom do we have people who not only know children well but at the same time can formulate a direct message that when life is filled with non-violent activities all people can appreciate each other & enjoy their relationships in respectful ways. I am grateful for their work."

 - Principal, Goodview Elemenatary

"My staff and students love their presentations!  They really hold the student's attention and give such an important message on how we should treat others."  

"Our school doesn't use a 'canned' character development program, but we certainly try to create a respectful and caring environment for our students and staff.  The presentations by Critters and Company help support this.  I have no doubt that their programs have had a positive effect on student behavior and we certainly plan continue to invite them  back."

Hanover Elementary, Principal


 "Thank you for your wonderful presentation at our school. I enjoyed the animals very much. It was the best program I have ever seen (and I'm not saying this just to be nice)." 


 - Student


 "Excellent! I was prepared to study for a test during this segment, but closed my book immediately and never reopened it."       

 - Student

"Craig Olson and his team of animals make a truly unique difference with students in their efforts to reduce violence.  I have personally observed his interactions with students and adults.  The response is strong and multifaceted.  The student linkage with his animals, particularly his large birds and the hedgehogs, was fascinating.  Along with the high level of interest shown by the students in the animals, Craig knows people, especially students.  His way of communicating, understanding their questions and quickly responding to their interests is truly impressive.  He has a special gift for creating a connection with people and making a positive difference in their lives."  

"Craig and his team presented several workshops with our students and parents at North View Junior High School.  A month later, students mentioned it as an activity they were still thinking and talking about positively."

ISD 279 Assistant Principal


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