Dustin Kelm

Unicyclist / Speaker
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The UniShow is a one-of-a-kind performance incorporating a motivational and inspirational message illustrated with world-class unicycling set to positive music. With one wheel at a time, Dustin vividly demonstrates that anything is possible with determination and perseverance!

Witness a variety of unicycles performed by World Champion unicyclist Dustin Kelm: freestyle, trials (stunts on structures/stairs), racing, big wheel (for long distance), double wheel (one wheel on top of the other), ultimate wheel (no seat or frame), 6 ft., 10 ft. and he even juggles with fire. His theatrical and dance background make for a unique and entertaining delivery which has captivated crowds worldwide. 

The unicycle is just the tool, however. Dustin weaves into the performance his personal story of the challenging road to becoming a World Champion. He uses this as a platform to encourage students to never give up, make good choices and to use their abilities to impact the world.  This is a program like no other!

Location: St. Paul
Genre: Variety Performer / Speaker

  • Available for assemblies, workshops, family events, and more.

  • Message for public school events is non-sectarian.

  • Message can be adapted to the theme of your event.

  • Typical program is 45 minutes (can be adapted to fit your schedule).

  • Sound system provided if needed.

Speaking Expertise (optional part of program): perseverance, excellence, helping others, his struggle with depression & suicide as a teen (age appropriate), endurance, making good choices.


“He held the audience in the palm of his hand. Not an easy feat with middle school students. His timing was impeccable.”

“It was amazing in both talent and inspiration. It was absolutely powerful!”

 - Teachers at United South Central Middle School, Kiester MN

“inspiring- engaging- Dustin's personality really made it successful- the pacing of his words, content of his message, his lovely expressions and arm movements made it enticing- he knows how to captivate the audience- great music accompanied his performance- there wasn't a person in the gym that was bored or wanted the performance to be over..... timeless and refreshing performance by a believable person who genuinely enjoyed what he was doing- extremely inspiring to kids and adults- would love to have him back again and already told my teacher friend at another school about Dustin.”

 - Teacher, McCornack Elementary, Eugene OR

“Mesmerizing to his target audience! (He had their attention!)”

 - Teacher at Skyline Alternative High School, Great Falls MT