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Vickie Tiede

Women's Ministry Speaker; Health Speaker

Vicki Tiede is an authentic speaker who speaks to your heart.  She weaves humor, stories, encouragement, enthusiasm and practical tips into her messages to women.  Vicki will absolutely inspire you and encourage you to grow closer to God.            

Motivational Christian Speaker & Author, Vicki Tiede's personal lessons in grace led to the Lord's calling in her life to speak and write. Her enthusiasm about God's grace is contagious. She believes that in life we can either learn its lessons or choose to ignore its teaching.  Vicki is passionate about encouraging and equipping women to face the inevitable challenges of marriage, parenting, and walking with Christ.

Her personal testimony is powerful and unforgettable and is proof that God uses life experiences to turn one's attention heavenward. Her down-to-earth presentation style makes participants feel as though they've just met a new friend.  Whether she's talking about prayer, evangelism or challenges women face in their daily lives and spiritual walk, Vicki shares with genuine and heartfelt sincerity. 

Location: Rochester, MN
Expertise: Women's Issues, Pornography, Health

Speaking Topics

  • Habits of a Woman's Heart

  • Plug Me In and Let Me Charge Overnight 

  • Twinkle! (Christmas) 

  • By Design 

  • The Legacy of a Woman of the Promise

  • P.S., Breathe In, Breathe Out

  • Are You A Kept Woman

  • Help!  I've Falllen, But I'm Getting Up With Grace

  • Healing and Pornography Talks

    • Finding Hope When Pornography is Unveiled In Your Marriage

    • Picking Up The Damaging Pieces Of Your Identity - When Your Competing Against Digitally Enhance Images

    • Brokenness Begins With Me

    • Pornography?  Not In My House

    • Unraveling Forgiveness When Your Husband Is Entangled In Pornography

    • Surrender Opens the Door for Healing

    • Trust?  You've Got To Be Kidding

    • Healing a Woman's Wounded Heart

    • The Naked Truth About the Woman Behind The Man Addicted To Pornography


“Vicki was our keynote speaker and captured the hearts of women, igniting them to live out the character of Christ in every circumstance of life. She is a dynamic speaker, clearly gifted by the Holy Spirit to touch women. She is personable, relational and leans heavily on biblical principles. Women commented on her ability to speak as if she knew exactly what was going on inside their hearts. She left a mark – an unmistakable mark of being used by God for His purpose.”

Women’s Leadership Conference

Hosted by EFCA, North Central District


"Vicki Tiede is a woman of grace and passion. Her zeal for her message and heart for the Lord and her audience is apparent in her every word. I was so pleased how Vicki wove her personal story and gospel throughout her presentation. We had a great time with Vicki and look forward to her return!"

Women's Ministry Leader
Trinity Baptist Church, Maplewood, MN

“I have had the privilege of knowing Vicki for several years and have found her to be a woman of faith, conviction, passion, humor and warmth. These qualities, among others, have enabled her to resonate and connect quickly with a variety of audiences. She transparently shares her own spiritual journey as a way to impart important learned truths that help heal wounded hearts and bring encouragement to thirsty souls. “

Executive Director, 

Tiny Hands International


"It's a rare goldmine to find a speaker who's both authentically high-spirited AND spiritually deep, whether she's befriending you face-to-face or before a group of hundreds. Vicki makes herself vulnerable in a Scripture-packed, down-to-earth presentation that will impart hope, challenge and change with an out-of-this-world flair!"

Assembly of God, 

Rochester, MN

“Vicki’s passion for telling others about Jesus is so evident in her style of speaking. I was challenged and blessed, and by the end of the weekend retreat I had a new sister in Christ. We plan to have Vicki return. I loved how she became friends with all of the 75 ladies attending. She was so easy to hang with—spending one-on-one time with us—praying for our personal needs.”

Director of Women’s Ministries, Free Methodist Church


“If you are looking for a speaker whose message is packed with power, I would definitely recommend contacting Vicki Tiede. Her faith story, with its ups and downs, immediately resonates with people. Why do I say that? Well, Vicki isn’t one of those ‘Polyanna’-type presenters whose life has been ‘perfect’-she has lived a ‘real’ life with all of its joys and frustrations. And she is able to share with her listeners the message of hope that is theirs in Christ Jesus. Our congregation was inspired by her unique personal journey and how it shaped her strong faith in the Lord.”


American Lutheran Church

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