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Famous Dave

Inspirational Speaker
Expertise: Keynote, Inspirational Messages, Testimonial 
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Famous Dave of "Famous Dave's of America"  amps up the energy at Christian events like no one else.  His personal testimony is riveting and inspiring!


Dave Anderson is an Inspiring Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Best Selling Author, whose “Against All Odds” story is living proof that the American Dream… no longer has to be just a dream!  "Famous Dave Restaurants have received unprecedented recognition as one of the “Hottest Concepts in America”.  Dave has helped found several publicly traded companies on Wall Street creating over 20,000 new jobs and billions in sales.   In other words, he's been crazy successful in business.  But there is a back story here and it's all about God.

Famous Dave holds nothing back as he shares his incredible real life faith story of overcoming tremendous odds, adversity, and failure to go to create one of America’s best loved restaurant companies. With the spirit, energy, and enthusiasm that can only come from being in the trenches… Dave’s heartfelt story is the real deal… as Dave shares how he overcame his own personal challenges by turning to God, he connects directly to the spirit of every heart in attendance. The “Famous Dave Story” is inspiring, humorous, touching and motivating. 

Dave became of follower of Jesus as a result of his battle with alcohol.  He described himself as a  “a drunk” for 25 years who should’ve died on three occasions, including once in a car accident on Interstate 35W when his car left the ground three times.  Anderson said he was saved when he found God as he lay on the floor of a treatment center, in which he had enrolled after an intervention.

During treatment for alcohol abuse, he finally came to an understanding that he couldn’t do it by himself and that he needed help from a higher power. Dave states that "once I was able to surrender my arrogance and being full of myself, I was able to find the humility I needed to ask for help. I found that there is great power and victory in surrender. It was there on my knees that I said, "God if there was ever a time to take over my life…the time is now. Jesus, I need your forgiveness and Holy Spirit I want you to come dwell within me." 

 Today, Dave believes his higher purpose in life is to make a positive difference in his community and in the lives of others less fortunate.



The Famous Dave Faith Story.

Dave Anderson's amazing story how he overcame difficulties with alcohol in his life on after he turned to God for help.  If it wasn't for Jesus' rescue of Dave, Famous Dave's would never have materialized. A true inspirational story that is energizing, inspiring, and motivating.

Against All Odds: How To Overcome Life's Adversities And Turn Them Into Your Greatest Opportunities!

The amazing story how Famous Dave's has been able to successfully compete in one of this country's worst economic meltdowns and triple their stock value while other companies struggle to stay alive! Against All Odds is inspiring and proves that life's challenges can be your greatest opportunities!

Sobriety, Freedom, and A New Life!

A Faith Based Message Of Hope and Deliverance From Addictions.

Dave shares his own personal story of overcoming addiction to drinking.  Dave is very transparent about his sobriety and how God changed his life.  Three times Dave should have been dead.  This story is spell binding, and life transforming. Addiction is businesses' greatest daily challenge and has been the destruction of many successful careers and families. This is a no-holds barred straight forward talk that breaks through all defensiveness and denial. 


“Wow!  You rocked the house!  For the first time in fifteen years that we have been having this conference not one attendee left early and we had the best attendance ever just because they wanted to hear you speak.  Our associates were all riveted to their seats by your inspiring, from-the-heart, and real life talk about your experiences as an entrepreneur.  You reached everyone there because you didn’t hold anything back.  You shared your failures as well as your success and that captured their hearts as your inspiring story made them feel that they could all succeed.  We have never had a speaker that got this group to jump to their feet in thunderous applause.  Three standing ovations! And then you couldn’t even get back to your seat with getting a standing ovation.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Canada."


Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

“We received so many compliments following your presentation and this meeting was proclaimed the “best” joint meeting in history thanks to you.”

“It was refreshing in this day and age to encounter someone with such an optimistic & clear read of what life holds for us.”

“Your common sense approach coupled with your philosophies…has the potential of insuring that each member of the audience you spoke to will be a better supervisor, worker and human being.”

Greater Saint Paul Building Owners & Managers Association

"We have had a lot of great speakers from across the nation speak at our Economic Club and none were more dynamic and as articulate as Famous Dave. It was obvious throughout his presentation that he has earned the right to speak to the topics of entrepreneurship, small business development, corporate America and leadership. He was an inspiration to our membership, both young and old. His real-life experiences and stories had everyone at the edge of their chairs wanting to hear more, we will definitely have him back in the future."

Michigan Economic Development Association

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