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Ultimate Strength

Speaker & Performer

Lift up the Lord by bringing down the house!  Christian entertainer and speaker Jeff Warner combines feats of strength with a concrete message.  His Ultimate Strength has lead more Americans to Jesus Christ than any other evangelistic ministry. 

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Program: Feats of strength & a targeted message.


  • Power of Positive Choices

  • Confidence Building and Self-Esteem

  • Achievement Against All Odds

  • Affirming Foundational Life Values 

 Ultimate Stength's program illustrates the strength of Samson, the wisdom of Solomon and the compassion of Christ.  Jeff's dramatic life story will inspire, educate and motivate your audience.  He overcame child abuse and poverty.  He then managed to become a professional athlete only to throw it all away through the abuse of drugs and alcohol.  Jeff compassionately tells his audiences that they are not missing out on worldly pursuits. He is uniquely positioned to communicate the fact that the promises of the enemy are empty lies.  Only Jesus can satisfy. 

The Ultimate Strength Team performs feats of strength including the tearing of phonebooks in half, bending bars, smashing concrete blocks and blowing up hot water balloons.  Mixed in with the feats of strength, Jeff shares how he's overcome adversities in his life including and abusive and poverty-stricken childhood, learning disabilities, and alcohol and drug addictions.


"Jeff Warner conducted a very exciting and blessed youth retreat.  The youth were explosive with excitement as more than 50 of the young people gave their hearts to Christ through the powerful ministry and the given invitations   I can recommend Rev. Warner and his team to any church or youth gathering.  The ministry is soul searching and heart convicting." 

Strawberry Lake

Christian Retreat Church


"His message fit in perfectly with our eight grad curriculum and our overall school goals... I recommend him wholeheartedly to speak and present at your school."

 - Medford Area Middle School

   Medford, Wisconsin

"Jeff Warner was a hit with our 9-12 greaders... I would recommend Jeff Warner to speak to your high school students.  He gets the students to "think" about choices they have made or are about to make."

  - Bemidji High School

    Bemidji, Minnesota

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