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Grant Price

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Location: Fort Worth, TX
Genre: Mentalism, Magic
Artist Site:

Grant Price entertains and amazes with his personal brand of mystifying magic. He can put on a show for an entire audience, entertain small groups within a large event, or perform for that one special person.

Grant Price began performing magic and mind reading when he was 6 years old. Since then, he has always had a gift for making people wonder and laugh. He quickly learned that that isn’t all that is required of a talented entertainer. He began to look at other forms of entertainment and notice one fatal flaw: most of them present their one-size-fits-all performance with almost no regard for the audience. That shouldn’t be. Grant Price decided early on that he wanted to perform in a way that makes the audience feel known and cared about. As a result, Grant’s shows always bear his unique signature, something he calls responsive entertainment.


People laugh, sit in stunned silence and even scream in response to Grant's performances. Today, that is the fuel of Grant’s shows – reminding people to seek and explore wonder in every part of life. Grant Price presents a show that amazes, yes, but more importantly, that gives delight and wonder to your audience. Grant gives you a show that people will not stop thanking you for. Crush your next event and make it unforgettable.  Host an event that kicks butt, not one that falls flat.

Grant currently offers two shows; his mentalism show and his classic magic show.


"Grant's Kind Of Makes You Wonder was incredible. I literally had a smile of giddy disbelief on my face the entire show and left feeling like I had truly witnessed something magical! 5 out of 5 stars!!! 1000% recommend!!!” 


Kellsea C., Board of Associates for Alumni, Hardin Simmons University

People were blown away... a truly unique experience that we all shared in and will remember for years. It was the perfect way to start our week!

James Maclean

President & CEO, Geoforce

You crushed it. You were honest, humble, and entertaining... Everyone just loved it and had a blast!

Josh Paine

CEO, World Ventures

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