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Harbor & Home

Band |Duo
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Location: Minneapolis, MN
Genre: Alternative / Americana / Country
Options: Band, Duo
Artist Site:

Harbor & Home is a country-roots inspired Americana rock band from Minneapolis, MN.  Their sound embodies modern roots Americana, classic country blended with classic rock 'n roll.  Following the release of their first album "Dark Days" in 2014, the band toured across the U.S. sharing the stage with such acts as Jermy Messersmith, Eric Hutchinson, Mark Chestnut, Flor, From Indian Lakes and Austin Plaine.  They recently released their sophomore album "Fighter" in May of 2017.  After working with producer and engineer Christopher Furst at Studio 65, their leaves single "You want it too" was released in January of 2018.


"I actually had to stop taking photos, pull my ear plugs, and realize the crowd was quietly singing along for this one. It’s one of those moments that you have to stop and soak in."

- Twin Cities Media

"Folksy vocals and aggressive acoustic guitar strums, which gives them a sound similar to the likes of Mumford & Sons, Phillip Phillips, Of Monsters & Men or The Lumineers."

 - Music in Minnesota

"Let me tell you, their character and gentlemen-esque aura's match their music. They are class-act men"

  - Milk + Honey Magazine

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