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HeaveN Beatbox

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Location: New York, NY
Genre: Beatbox
Artist Site:



  • American Vice- Beatbox Champion 

  • Represented the United States on two occasions at the World Beatbox championships, (an extremely rare feat, btw).

  • Finished 3rd at the Boss Loop Pedal World Championship in Hollywood, California.

  • Opened for entertainers such as Carl Payne and Tommy Ford from “Martin”, comedians “Shucky Ducky” and Tony Tone from BET’s “Comic View”, as well as Grammy award winning hip hop group “Arrested Development”.

  • Featured on USA Morning News (Washington, DC), Good Morning America (New York City, NY), Revolt TV (Austin, TX), NPR, and the BBC.

  • Performance highlights include: TEDx Peachtree conference in Atlanta, Georgia; an eight city tour of the United Kingdom: multiple shows in Japan, performing for the San Antonio Spurs organization, A3C hip hop festival, an evening with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra and speaking and performing at Harvard University.  

  • Appeared on the PBS program Music Voyager which was watched in 120 countries.

Book a Beatbox Experience!

Book a public educational workshop and/or experience. Steven HeaveN Cantor commonly known as HeaveN Beatbox has given public educational workshops, speeches, and school appearances from speaking at Harvard university, TEDx, Lifetime Network, A+E Network International Conference, PBS, NPR and many more on the human art of beatbox. We all have elements of music inside us. Learn how to harness the power of the human voice in a first hand encounter with HeaveN Beatbox


The Bio

HeaveN Beatbox is a Crossover Beatboxer who has been delighting audiences with his astounding beatboxing abilities & his magnetic & exuberant personality.  HeaveN expresses himself by absorbing the actions and sounds that immediately surround him. He hears, feels, captures and personifies these sounds through the art of beatboxing and storytelling.

While most consider beatboxing an art form of hip-hop, HeaveN was initially inspired by vocally imitating alternative rock groups, Third Eye Blind and Matchbox20. As his passion for “beatbox” grew, he found platforms to showcase his talent by competing in open mic competitions and performing locally around Atlanta, GA. It didn’t take long before HeaveN caught the eye of legendary dance crew, HaviKoro, when in 2011 they invited him to join them on a 7 city tour of India, as part of the American Voices Program, which was sponsored by both the Indian Consulate and the US Embassy. 

Street performing became a way for HeaveN to instantly attract an audience. He would capture the attention of people passing by, and within minutes, dozens of people would gather around him, applauding, cheering and even dancing. From children to adults, he astounded all onlookers with his amazing talent. Word quickly spread, and before too long opportunity came knocking on doors and street corners. HeaveN was offered a 6-month USA tour with world-renowned UniverSoul Circus. It was an amazing opportunity that led him to perform to tens of thousands of people and to be seen in the national media.


"I thought this one man band might struggle to get much from the room, however, I was wrong. Upon instruction, most of the room stood up and shuffled to the centre of the room, and it didn’t take long for Heaven to get the small crowd bouncing, the room also seemed to grow... he finished the set with a great cover of “Forgot About Dre” composed entirely with his mouth and a little assistance from a loop pedal. It was pretty darn impressive and he even managed to drop a few Leamington references in there for good measure, He did a sterling job."

- Birmingham Live

"HeaveN Beatbox is doing a Rahzel and layering sounds to create the beat and the melody of a song at the same time with only his mouth. He then shows us his layering using a loop station and creates all the parts, again with only his mouth and this loop pedal, to perform Dr Dre/Eminem’s ‘Forgot About Dre‘. He also uses two microphones to beatbox with his throat. This is his fist time in the UK; let’s hope he visits again soon because the guys got a broad range of talent!"

- eGigs, Danielle Millea

" amazing Crossover Beatboxer.  He goes by the name HeaveN Beatbox and splices songs like “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk with his unbelievable vocal abilities."

- Tri State Indie

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