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Mike & Nate

Comedy Improv
Location: Minneapolis, MN & Cedar Rapids, IA
Genre: Comedy Improv

If you are a fan of laughing, you owe it to yourself to check out a couple of comedy improv masters: Mike & Nate.  No two shows are alike as your audience interaction helps guide the direction of the sketches.  It's fast, furious & funny.

Mike & Nate are a comedy duo specializing in improv comedy & emceeing and making groups of any size, or age, laugh and have a great time together.  The show is a highly-interactive, highly-hilarious, hour-long improv show. Mike & Nate perform their unique brand of short-form improv comedy, using suggestions and volunteers from the audience to craft a one-of-a- kind, joy-filled, laughter-filled, experience for your group.  They also do light janitorial work for a nominal fee, not including windows. They’re very bad at windows. In fact, you probably shouldn’t hire them for janitorial work. Just stick with the comedy.  

They’ve performed all over the country for just about every type and size of group, from youth events, colleges, camps, churches, corporate - you name it, there’s a good chance they’ve done it. They can get your group of 50 to 5,000 engaged, energized, and glad they came.

A Mike & Nate comedy experience is guaranteed to include audience participation, make you gut-laugh at least twice, and hiccup once*. 

*- this is not really an actual guarantee - just sayin'.


"When I think funny, I think Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, Mel Brooks... but Mike and Nate are funny too. Seriously, Mike and Nate are two of the hardest working MC’s you can find for your event. They are open to any idea and do a great job in keeping the attention of the audience, whether its improv or announcements, Mike and Nate will have your students attention.

We've had them MC at our district gathering and would gladly have back!"

James Rock 

Director of Trout Lake Camps & Co-Director of District Blitz

"These are seasoned pros who have the ability to take the random and make it hilarious.   Mike and Nate draw from a deep toolbox of talents, characters, cultural references and pure joy, and they use every bit of it every single time.

It'll never be the same show twice, so audiences will love having them back again and again. 

Smart, joyful entertainment. Don't miss Mike and Nate Comedy."

Michael Pearce Donley


“Mike and Nate hit the stage and turn impromptu suggestions into a laugh-till-you-scream frenzy; they do this with such ease, it makes you wonder if they are getting Divine assistance — they are.” 

Daren Streblow



"Mike and Nate are everything great about true comedy.  They’re believable, self-deprecating, and engaging.  Humble fellows with a heart for the kingdom.  nuff said, BOOK them!!"

Tim Neufeld


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