Jon Marc Burge

Location: Houston, TX
Genre: Acoustic / Indie / Rock
Artist Site:
  • With a gritty, raw and powerful vocals, many love his covers more than the originals.

  • His voice and style has been compared to NEEDTOBREATHE. 


Jon Marc Burge is a wickedly talented kind of guy - both vocally and instrumentally.   And if that wasn't enough, he loves to take time to connect with college students.  Jon Marc Burge writes from the heart and singes honestly about life's circumstances and struggles.  With each original, you will get to learn the heart behind each song.  And the covers are consistent with what is trending from Radioactiveto Ain't No Sunshine to Say to Billy Jean (excellent rendition btw, probably no moon walking though).  


 That was awesome Bro!  Keep it up!  Gritty and raw and you brought me to tears, beautiful tone, absolutely beautiful.

Talent beyond words.  Amazing bro -nice job!  I've also been looking for someone that is unique and I finally found someone.  You are amazing dude. For real.

Best covers I've ever heard.  Some are better than the original.  This is amazing. I cried and have no shame in admitting it. Keep it up.