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Jordan Gillis

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Location: Baltimore, MD
Genre: Rock / Blues / Funk / Soul / Jam
Options: Solo, Band
Artist Site:

Jordan Gillis is a versatile young performer who has been a full-time musician his entire adult life. With nearly 10 years of  experience, he combines a soulful voice with virtuosic guitar playing - a rare combination! From rock, funk, soul and jazz to heavy metal and country music, he can play virtually all genres of guitar-based music.  Jordan has been on tour all over the country and has experience  with so many genres because ..... he is passionate about being the best musician, performer, and songwriter that he can be.


"I would practice 12 hours a day everyday and would get depressed if I had to miss a day," he says regarding his formative years as a guitar player.


Jordan is available solo, and as a duo, trio, or a full band.   


Abe was absolutely fantastic!

    -  Arcadia University


The show was phenomenal. Abe Parker was so courtesy and polite. He gave us an amazing show. He was a joy to work with!

  - American International


Abe was awesome! The students loved him and it was a blast. He was super easy to work with and was great with interacting with the students.

 - Franklin Pierce University

MSJ has booked Abe Parker 4 times in 4 different venues & has not been disappointed once with his performance! Abe, a brilliant musician/songwriter, is also very down-to-earth and approachable. The students related to his songs & funny yet poignant stories.  Abe has a way of getting the students to not just listen to his performance but become a part of it. He spent extra time before and after the show talking to students and swapping stories. A true class act!

  - Mount Saint Joseph University

The show went amazingly - the students really loved Abe and he was a pleasure to work with. We're in the process of planning out our calendar for the year and we're definitely planning to keep Abe in the mix for future performances!

  - Wagner College


Coffee House went great! Abe had so much stage presence and everyone loved him. We had a wonderful turn out as well.

 - Keene State College

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