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Karoline Rhett

Location: Charleston, SC
Genre: Pop / Contemporary Country
  • Nominated for Female Artist of the Year by Nashville Universe and her single, Save Your Heart, was nominated for Song of the Year.  

  • Uses music to deliver a powerful anti-bullying message as part of the nationally popular Teen Nation Tour. 

  • Donates 50% of the proceeds of her CD, Brave, to Wings for Kids. 

  • A member of Tunes for Tots, an organization made up of nearly two-thousand artists from around the world putting on shows to benefit charities for children.

The quality, depth and potential of Karoline Rhett is impressive.  You will love her voice, her lyrics and her passion to make the world a place.  Her songs like "I'm the Melody" are so catchy and well written they could easily be on student playlists not to mention on some soundtrack for a great movie.   Karoline's been blowing people away with her voice since she was a preteen.  Her songs will not only get stuck in your head, but they also encourage you and could even change your life -- really.  For example, Karoline has a passion for, among other things, teaching kids how to stand up to bullying.  She is also heavily involved with Tunes for Tots which benefits charities for children.  In other words, Karoline uses her platform to benefit others.


Fact is, there are only so many ways that you can sing about love and the feelings that come with wanting it, but the trick is to find a way to do it that is fresh and new even though it’s been done before. Karoline has done that... and because of it she becomes a new artist to keep an eye on.

 - OneStopCountry

Rather than just delivering a captivating voice and enchanted releases that deliver an intoxicating breadth of Melody to cleanse and redefine excellence upon your aural palette, her charitable works and others-first approach has seen this Charleston, SC born bringer of joy and melodic imperatives rise to be the cream of the current crop of singers/songwriters. 

BWD Magazine

“Possessing the poise and soulful grace of a veteran crooner when in front of a microphone.”

 - Top 40 Charts

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