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Levi The Poet

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Spoken Word
Location: Albuquerque, NM
Desc: Spoken Word & Performance Artist
Performer Site:

  • Levi the Poet is an impactful performance artist and storyteller known for his personal transparency which characterizes his art. 

  • He has way around the country interacting with audiences in hundreds of venues - house shows to universities, dive bars to colleges, conferences, schools, festivals, churches and art spaces - throughout the country, with international performances as nearby as Canada, and as distant as New Zealand. 

  • Levi's recorded milestones: 3 albums ("Werewolves", "Seasons, Correspondence"), 1 EP ("Monologues") and 3 singles (“The Beginning / The Separation", “Tetelestai”, “Joy Seekers”)

Levi combines advocacy and artistry in a language that speaks beyond words. A language that resonates with life lived, universal. Ever a fan of truth and narrative, he has successfully woven the two together throughout his career in both autobiographical and fiction spoken-word storytelling. The autobiographical truth of story narrated through writing and performance art is a powerful catalyst for engagement and sympathy where bullet points and statistics will simply never do.

The ability to tap into each listener’s personal sentiments through poems, volume and intensity is specific to Levi the Poet.


At his live shows, his vocal techniques vary from shouting, growling, whispering and everything in between.   He also

perfectly times his spoken word with the music and video, which is projected towards him, casting his shadow upon the images and blending him with the media.  


He really is the best at what he does.

    -  Indie Vision Music

It was moving, it was awe-inspiring, it made me laugh and it made me tear up. I went to this show expecting some well written spoken word art: but I got an outrageously amazing multidisciplinary masterpiece that got my creative juices flowing and thoroughly inspired me. If you get a chance to see a LTP live show, please do yourself a favour and go, it’s well worth it.

  - Wanderlove


"Levi is just one of those special people with a unique gift for stirring things up. I know he stirred me up the first time I witnessed him on a stage. What got to me most was his genuine passion and gleaming transparency. Love me some Levi the Poet!"
- Chad Johnson - Come&Live! founder/X-Tooth and Nail A&R

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