Michael Grandinetti

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Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Master Illusionist
  • Featured on “Entertainment Tonight”, “New York Today”, “FOX & Friends”, “Crook & Chase”, “The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon”, and the NBC television special “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic II”.  

  • Extreme magic examples:  Michael has made a 500 lb. Harley-Davidson motorcycle appear in mid-air, brought a painting of a woman to life, levitated on the point of a razor sharp sword, and via his "The Tower of Flaming Spikes" creation, he was covered with a mixture of gasoline & kerosine and secured by chains and had only sixty seconds to escape before two walls of flaming steel spikes were thrust towards him at over 50mph.  Mission accomplished.  Talk about your audience ooh's and aah's!  

  • Performed over 150 shows at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  

  • During live New York City events,  crowds at Grand Central Station, Central Park, and Rockefeller Center watched in amazement as Michael levitated a woman while completely surrounded on the busy Manhattan streets.  Similarly, Michael caused a girl to float high above the Santa Monica Beach in California.   

As one of the country’s top corporate entertainers, Michael Grandinetti and his magic have been featured in sales programs, trade shows, and corporate galas from coast to coast.  His clients have included Fortune 500 companies and major corporations such as Mazda, Rite-Aid, Hewlett Packard, Grainger, Ernst & Young, The American Marketing Association, Southwest Airlines, Harley-Davidson, Benjamin Moore Paints, and Bayer.

In addition, with his unique ability to design and incorporate magic to fit any theme, Michael can combine his stunning visual illusions with a company’s brand, message, and executives to convey their product benefits in a unique, compelling, fun, and, most importantly, memorable way.

Performance lengths can range from 3-5 minute stand alone segments, to a 30-60 minute show, to a full-scale 75-90 minute feature presentation.  Michael can even make a client’s CEO or a featured guest magically appear onstage.  Each show is custom tailored to fit the needs and specifications of each event, program, and venue.  And, with a large inventory of original creations, a Michael Grandinetti performance is guaranteed to feature magic that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world.


Michael Grandinetti may be the most exciting illusionist your audience will ever experience.


Your performance was fantastic.  I’ve never had a President’s Dinner performance that kept so many people glued to their seats.  Well done!”

“The raves are still coming in!  All are saying what a great job you did.  Thanks for making it a special night for us!

- Oregon Auto Dealers Association

We thoroughly enjoyed having you perform for our client and quite honestly I can’t remember any performer being quite as accommodating and such a pleasure to work with both in advance of the event and on the performance day. You are a true pro (and your team as well). You were such a hit.

  - Southwest Airlines Anniversary Gala 

I congratulate you on such an outstanding performance!  The audience was wowed.  It was a pleasure meeting you, working with you and experiencing your talent.  You truly put on an amazing show!

- Grainger National Event, Navy Pier, Chicago