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Molly Sanborn


Warning: Molly's energy is contagious; students will be inspired and motivated to make a difference!

Molly Sanborn (aka The Cheese Ball Chick) is a wife, mom, speaker, counselor, and lover of Jesus.  Her creative ideas and infectious personality have been featured on several TV shows including Twin Cities Live and Wipeout.  She loves to laugh and makes it her mission to help others find joy even in the midst of tough times.

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Expertise: Abstinence; Love, Sex & Dating; Self-Esteem, Bullying, Media, Pro-Life.

Available For: Church Events, Conferences, Mother / Daughter Events, Father / Daughter Purity Balls, Pro Life Banquets, School Assemblies & Chapels, Singles Retreats, Summer Camps, Youth Group Retreats.

Molly desires to be a role model to teens, proving that it is possible to live above the influence and have a blast while doing so! She also loves any opportunity to encourage moms, dads, and married couples.  As a mom of two and wife of almost 10 years, she “gets it” and loves encouraging others to go from surviving to thriving.  Molly tackles many topics, from how to “Keep Your Pants On” to “Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus” and also addresses pro life audiences.  Whether teaching young people how to set boundaries and develop character or how to open their Bible and pray, Molly will bring passion and perspective, which stems from a genuine love of God and His Word. 

Molly has taken many opportunities to lead and motivate and continues to do so as she travels and speaks influencing today’s youth. She has traveled to ten countries and has become quite familiar with her own as she travels state to state as a full-time speaker.  She has spoken to over 50,000 teens and young adults over the last five years.  

Molly also speaks with her husband, Craig who is also a very accomplished speaker.  As a team, they are capable of relating to both male and female audiences in a culture that is desperately looking for speakers who practice what they preach. 

Most Requested Programs:  


Keep Your Pants On  

Molly shoots straight as she discusses the topic that is on everyone’s mind - S-E-X.  Her story will inspire you and her blunt approach might make you blush, but the truth she shares about God’s plan for sex will leave you equipped and encouraged.    

Keep Your Eyes On Jesus 

Molly gets practical as she gives advice about how to pursue the most important relationship of your life.  Through putting away God’s Word, praying, praising and persevering you will be well on your way in your journey with Jesus. 

The B-I-B-L-E, is that the book for me?

Molly will take you back to one of her most exciting adventures in life – smuggling Bibles into China.  Get ready to be inspired to dust off the cover and dig in to God’s Word.  

Cheeseballs for Jesus 

Are you curious why Molly wears snacks on her back? Listen and laugh as Molly shares the story and encourages you to discover creative ways to eternally impact those around you. 


Beating the Bullies 

Have you ever felt like you had a sign on your back that says “kick me”?  Would you dare admit that you have ignored those hurting around you?  Have you ever wished you take back the words that have left your mouth or silence the hurtful phrases that keep replaying in your mind?  Molly speaks passionately for those who have been wounded and encourages the bystanders to make a difference. 


Supermodel vs. Role Model (Girls Only) -  Molly reveals the traps that the media and culture set to trip us up in our quest for true beauty.  Molly addresses self esteem and body image and leaves you with a challenge.  What kind of model will you strive to be? 

Lies about Guys (Girls Only)

Molly tackles the most destructive lies about guys and answers questions like, “how should I dress?”, “how far is too far?” and “can I survive without a boyfriend?”.  She uses humor and personal stories as she reveals the truth that will help you be wise about guys.    


Pro Life Message

 Molly has been described as a lover of life as she lives hers to the fullest and stands up for those who have been denied the chance.  She not only speaks on behalf of the unborn but speaks to women who have regrets.  Molly has learned that loving and reaching out to the mothers is the first step in choosing life.  You won’t see her holding a picket sign, but you may find her holding the hand of an undecided woman. 


"There are some speakers that just seem to connect with youth and Molly is one of those speakers! She has been a favorite speaker in both our summer camp setting and for our huge fall youth retreats. Molly continually comes through with great Biblical based presentations and stories that hit the kids where they are at. Not only do I highly recommend Molly, but we plan to continue to bring her back in the future."

 - Program Director, Trout Lake Camps 



"Molly spoke at the premiere Father-Daughter Purity Ball of Minnesota.  She shared compassionately about her zeal for life, commitment to purity, and relationships with her father and (then) future husband.  Through her warmth, humor, and genuine care of others, she was able to hold the attention of the daughters while also admonishing the dads to a deeper commitment in fatherhood.  We received many comments thanking Molly for sharing from her heart.  I would highly recommend Molly as a diversified speaker."

Chairperson of the Father-Daughter Purity Ball



"We originally brought Molly in to speak at our coed youth camps but soon discovered that her ministry extends beyond teenagers.  We've had her back to speak at our Scrapbook Retreats, young adult/singles retreats, and we even developed our first ever all-girl retreat just so we could have her back for more.  We also were delighted to experience Molly and her husband Craig speaking together.  We plan to use them many more times in the future!"  

 - Directors at Village Creek Bible Camp, Lansing, Iowa 


"Craig is one of the most gifted youth speakers I have ever listened to."



 “Molly was the best speaker you have had in our 6 yrs of coming.  She was awesome and we really enjoyed her.”

“It’s so nice to have Godly role models for our girls.  The teaching on Scripture was so appreciated.” 

“Amazing!! Please have Molly next year!  She’s the best ever!”

“The best you’ve had.  She really reached all ages young and old.”

“Our 5th year here and this is the best speaker yet!  Simply the best!!  Molly is awesome!!”

 - Quotes from moms at a Mother / Daughter Retreat

"I have tried some of the things you mentioned in your “How to Get Close to Jesus” talk. I have started journaling prayers and writing thanks on sticky notes, and you are right - it is addictive! You are such an amazing role model. Never stop doing what you are doing."

– Amber, 14 years old



"You said that you hope we leave a changed person, I did! I look at myself differently and I look at my friends differently.  I feel like you helped me find myself. I thank God for leading me in your direction and thank you for showing me that there’s so much more to it then the coolest trends and impressing guys."

– Lizzy, 14 years old


 "Thank you very much for speaking at New Ulm Cathedral on Monday.  Our principals and I received many positive comments about your talk, and all of the feedback we received from students and teachers was positive!  You talked to our students in "their language", and spoke beautifully when you hit on the key points of your presentation.  I am confident lives will be better because of your talk.  God has led you to the work He wants you to do, and you are responding wonderfully."                     

 - Development and Athletic Director

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