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Molly Sanborn


Warning: Molly's energy is contagious; students will be inspired and motivated to make a difference!

Molly Sanborn grew up in Minneapolis, MN but her thirst for adventure has taken her around the world.  She has traveled to ten countries and has become quite familiar with her own as she travels state to state as a full-time speaker.  She has spoken to over 50,000 teens and young adults.  Molly desires to be a role model to teens, proving that it is possible to live above the influence and have a blast while doing so! If you recognize Molly, perhaps you've seen her on YouTube or out and about with snacks on her back.   She has become known as the Cheeseball Chick as she brings joy to the world one cheeseball at a time. And yes, she carries them just about everywhere!

Molly tackles many topics, from how to “Keep Your Pants On” to “Beating The Bullies”.  Whether teaching young people how to set boundaries and develop character or being a role model, Molly brings passion and perspective.


She also speaks with her husband Craig on abstinence issues as they relate to both male and female audiences in a culture that is desperately looking for speakers who practice what they preach. 

Life is an adventure and Craig and Molly are convinced it was meant to be lived that way. They are committed to helping others experience life to the fullest, and do so through their upbeat, hard hitting messages.

Molly and Craig address an array of audiences (teens, adults, parents, couples) and tackle many topics.  They bring passion and perspective to your students.   

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Expertise: Love, Sex & Dating; Self-Esteem, Bullying, Media.

Most Requested Programs:  


Keep Your Pants On  

Molly shoots straight as she discusses the topic that is on everyone’s mind - S-E-X.  Her story will inspire you & her blunt approach might make you blush, but the truth she shares about sex will leave you equipped and encouraged.  


Beating the Bullies 

Have you ever felt like you had a sign on your back that says “kick me”?  Would you dare admit that you have ignored those hurting around you?  Have you ever wished you take back the words that have left your mouth or silence the hurtful phrases that keep replaying in your mind?  Molly speaks passionately for those who have been wounded & encourages the bystanders to make a difference.

Supermodel vs. Role Model (Girls Only) -  Molly reveals the traps that the media and culture set to trip us up in our quest for true beauty.  Molly addresses self esteem and body image and leaves you with a challenge.  What kind of model will you strive to be? 

Lies about Guys (Girls Only) -  Molly tackles the most destructive lies about guys and answers questions like, “how should I dress?”, “how far is too far?” and “can I survive without a boyfriend?”.  She uses humor and personal stories as she reveals the truth that will help you be wise about guys.    


Molly had great stories, could easily get the attention of the students and was very enthusiastic! She has been one of our best speakers I have heard since I’ve been teaching (8 years).

 — Teacher, Tartan High School


Molly's energy, enthusiasm, wit and moral values allowed her to earn immediate respect from all our students.  Her message was more than abstinence from sex and included self confidence, self respect, respect for others, as well as making wise and healthy choices. Molly Sanborn is a tremendous presenter that should be considered for any organization.

 - ROCORI High School Assistant      Principal 


 Thank you very much for speaking at New Ulm Cathedral on Monday.  Our principals and I received many positive comments about your talk, and all of the feedback we received from students and teachers was positive!  You talked to our students in "their language", and spoke beautifully when you hit on the key points of your presentation.  I am confident lives will be better because of your talk.    


Development and Athletic Director 

New Ulm Cathedral 


"She was living proof that it is possible to live out your life in high school without sex, drugs, and alcohol. I am hoping I can accomplish the same goal she has."

 - Nate, 16 years old

Molly has the unique ability to connect with her audience. She is passionate, humorous, energetic, and exudes confidence. Her smile is infectious and she seems to earn the trust of kids almost immediately.


Molly had great stories, could easily get the attention of the students and was very enthusiastic! She has been one of our best speakers I have heard since I've been teaching (8 years)."

"Molly's greatest strengths are her enthusiasm and her love of the students. She was awesome!

"Passionate, humorous, energetic and confident."

 – Educator, 16 years 


This year Molly came to our school to speak the day of parent conferences. I had several parents come to conferences that evening and tell me that their child had come home that day and commented on how great Molly was at speaking. One parent told me it opened up discussions about sexuality that she had never had with her daughter. Another student came into conferences with her mother, and the first thing she said as she sat down was, “I am so glad Molly came to our school today. She really reinforced my decision to stay abstinent my only hope is for her to continue to spread that message.

 - Teacher


"You really inspired me and truly changed my life!! I never thought that one person could change my life the way you did! I would like to thank you for being such a huge insparation to us all!!"

– Kassidy, 12 years old

Best speaker of the year. I appreciated the fact that we had a speaker that was younger & could relate to us.

 - Curtis, HS Student

Not only did you make me want to abstain from sex, you brought me to realize that I don’t need to wear revealing clothing to make guys want me.   

 - Ashley, 17 years old

Hearing Molly talk is like a breath of fresh air.    

– Melanie, 15 years old

Molly was awesome, I felt like she was my best friend when I really had no idea who she was and obviously she didn't know me.                            

- College student


I liked how she was what she was teaching.        

– Tyler, 14 years old


I heard Molly speak 3 years ago at my school and still find myself thinking, What would Molly Do?      

- Laura, 18


I wish a speaker like you would have come in earlier before everything happened.                    

–  Matt, 15


Hey Molly! I listened to your speech and it inspired me.  I want to make a difference in the world!      

– Kelly, 13


I just wanted to say thank you. What you said in your talk entitled Super Model vs. Role Model, well, it hit home to say the least. I'm in 9th grade and I have an eating disorder. I am weighed at school every day and go to my psychiatrist every Thursday all afternoon. I have lost 27 pounds since it all began. But I guess I respect you and I see truth in you. So thank you for opening young girls' eyes to this so maybe we can save them from the hurt and pain of an eating disorder before it starts.

– Stephanie, 15 years old

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