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Nick Fabian

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Location: Nashville
Genre: Pop / R&B / Soul
Artist Site:
  • Nick Fabian is a talented singer, songwriter, pianist, producer and arranger - period.

  • Nick's single, "Stuck In My Head" has received great reviews and represents a watershed moment for Nick as a person and as a musician.

  • Inspiration: Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Allen Stone, Frank Sinatra, Ben Rector, Bruce Hornsby, The Temptations, Michael McDonald and Ben Folds.

Do you want some variety in the singer-songwriters you bring to campus?  Of course you do.  Say hello to Nick Fabian!  He is a master of multiple instruments and genres.   It makes for a very anti-boring show.  

With a clever blend of modern pop and classic blue eyed soul, Nick aims to bring the vintage and new together in a way very few know how.  Nick says his ultimate goal in creating music is to make people "look up" and admire the transcendent beauty that can be experienced through music. 


"One of my new favorite artists!!! Fantastic singer!!!"

"You gotta get on the radio....people need to hear wrote and sing this from your heart.....Amazing!!!"

"Very Catchy!  Very Dope!"

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