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Spoken Word / Hip Hop
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Location: Oceanside, CA
Genre: Spoken Word & Positive Hip Hop
Artist Site:

  • NomiS is a socially conscious spoken word poet and a positive hip hop artist.

  • NomiS has shared the stage with the likes of freestyle legend SuperNATURAL, stand up comedian Wanda Sykes, Evidence (Dilated Peoples), Abstract Rude, The Visionaries, Qwel, Braille, David Crowder Band, 4th Avenue Jones, KJ 52, LA Symphony, As I Lay Dying, Toby Mac and countless others. 

  • Influences: Stevie Wonder, Blackstar, Return to Forever, Mos Def, K-Os, MF DOOM, Thieves & Liars, Get Back Loretta

NomiS is a rare breed of emcee and spoken word artist who bucks the trend of rapping about nonsense and is instead intent on expanding your intellect.  He brings the heat to your ears and the inspiration to your hearts.  His smooth rhymes make you think.  And then there's this: the beats are pure fire.  Coming from a musically inclined background, NomiS found himself interested in many different genres of music early on. He found a special connection to Hip Hop culture and music during grade school and the passion only grew from there.  NomiS seeks to provoke thought in the minds of his listeners with a hope that it will eventually lead to life change.

NomiS performa a mix of spoken word and hip; he can tailor the mix of these two genres (including 100% one way) according to your preference.


With lyricism & content being the shining stars, it would be very easy to forget about the musical accompaniment over which NomiS delivers such rhymes. Listening ... you can’t help but walk away saying that this is hip-hop how it was meant to be.

He knocked them all out of the park.

NomiS brings pure heat to your ears.

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