Prince Ivan

Music Duo
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Location: Branson, MO
Genre: Soul-infused SpectraPop
Options: Duo, Trio, Band
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Prince Ivan is a songwriting and performing duo consisting of Brydon Brett and Aaron Ellsworth  (plus whoever else they choose to work with when a trio is needed). The Prince Ivan sound is a breath of fresh musical air.  In a creative culture crying out for vision and sonic originality, Prince Ivan cuts through the noise with boldness, energy and a unique Top 40 style that is progressive, current and throwback all at the same time.   The duo is perhaps best known for their high energy stage show. A Prince Ivan concert is not a sit-down experience as everybody is on their feet dancing and jamming; it is ridiculously fun. The show includes popular Prince Ivan originals along with some pump-up-the-volume covers (Earth, Wind and Fire, Bruno, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson).   And there is always audience participation.  Prince Ivan’s live concert is where their music, their message and their mission all come together in one fun, high quality, memory-making experience. 


"Tonight was awesome!!!! The whole crowd was totally amped for the show and the guys got the crowd on their feet to sing and dance!!  First time seeing these guys but I hope it's not the last! I can definitely see them reaching their goals and going places !!"

"Prince Ivan is fantastic!!! They perform their music that just makes you want to get up and dance! Not only are the members of Prince Ivan amazingly talented individuals, they are also some of the nicest people you will ever meet! Go check them out!!!

What can I say about Prince Ivan? These boys' music is new, it's fresh, yet it has a slightly familiar flair. Their sound is sort of Earth, Wind, & Fire meets Bruno Mars. Everything is fun and exciting. Their harmonies are perfection, and the music is positive and uplifting! Every time I've seen them, there are more people up on their feet, dancing the night away, than sitting in their seats. Their music truly appeals to people of all ages!