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Hip-Hop / Spoken Word
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Location: San Marcos, CA
Genre: Spoken Word / Positive Hip Hop
Artist Site:
  • Performed along side world-class acts such as Lecrae, Murs, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan, Arrested Development, War and Yelawolf.

  • Formed the hip-hop group Dream Junkies with fellow rappers Beleaf and John Givez.

  • Headlines shows across the country.

  • Dream Junkie's album Good Religion, registered on Billboard's R&B, rap, independent, and Heatseekers charts. 

  • Ruslan's album Americana (which features John Givez and Beleaf) climbed to No. 11 on iTunes Hip Hop Chart.

Ruslan's music and poetry is so relatable, honest and genuine that you will want to pump your fist in agreement.   His positive messages captivate students with outstanding lyricism & creativity, rapid fire delivery that's easy to understand and  a charismatic stage presence.  


Most of the greatest Hip-Hop ever created was forged in the crucible adversity; adversity that required perseverance and creativity to not only survive, but to overcome and succeed. Ruslan creates the type of Hip-Hop that inspires, encourages, and entertains everyone who hears it because it celebrates the triumph and success while bearing the scorch marks of adversity that we all know well.


"Not many artists have the ability to switch their flow and style, and still stay true to themselves.  Ruslan did this seemingly at will.  His skill allows for a lot of versatility, and I really appreciate that."

"I'm a big fan of honesty and transparency.  It's just so rare in the world today, so when an artist pours their heart out on the mic and opening themselves up for criticism and judgment, I kind of gravitate towards them." 

"He had a very positive outlook and energy.  I liked his perspective on things, especially his optometrist poem."

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