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Singer-Songwriter Duo 
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Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: "Indie Sparkle Pop"
Artist Site:

Tight harmonies, killer guitar riffs, best friends.

Sawyer is a Nashville based duo comprised of Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey that can be described in no other way than “Indie Sparkle Pop.” With comparisons to Lucy Rose, COIN, and HAIM they have built a resonance that can’t be forgotten. Indie Shuffle has described their music as “impeccably crafted” and The Wild Honey Pie has proclaimed, “Sawyer promises to be a part of the next wave." Since their official formation in 2014 the two girls have amassed their vastly growing fan base for being quite “normal.” Even in their normalcy, the Harvard Crimson has deemed them as "airy, nuanced, and utterly aflame." Their down to earth identities and endearing reliability is seen through every post, tweet, and musical note. The Nashville Scene has praised them saying their, “straightforward lyrics and charming guitar riffs put Sawyer in the same class as [your] favorite indie-pop aficionados The Staves.”


With over 130 shows under their belt, 2.2 Million streams on Spotify, and multiple sold out shows in the Pacific Northwest they’re just at the beginning of their fandom. Emma Harvey and Kel Taylor are relatable rock stars ready to show the world the magic of Indie Sparkle Pop.

Abe's voice shines along with his guitar work and the result is top shelf.   He combines his classical guitar and pop sensibility to create a unique and infectious "Blue Rock" sound. He views himself as genera-bridge musician, writing both catchy pop tunes and heartfelt songs that tug at the heart.  


The show was incredible and they even brought tears to my eyes. We had a great turn out. The students have never stayed and talked to the artists as much as they did for them!

I will definitely go see them again if they come around anytime soon. 

- James Madison University

You guys are truly amazing!

You guys were AWESOME!

I'm so thankful you guys had come to sing for us. Your music is very prevalent in my life. I love that positive vibes from you guys. This song is personally my favorite. Thank you for blessing my ears.

Enjoyed you guys so much .... thanks for the positive vibes your music brings.

A band this good needs to be paid attention to more. Sawyer is one of my favorite bands.

I was part of a group that drove 4 hours to see you guys in salem at the coffee shop.  Your music brings a smile to my face every time i hear it.

SAWYER!!!!!!! I love you and your music

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