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Classical Pop Fusion
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Location: Denver, CO
Genre: Classical Pop Fusion
Show Options: Strings and DJ (4 members) OR Electrical String Quartet
  • Spinphony is a cutting edge classical pop fusion group consisting of four virtuosic string players and a DJ.

  • The Players: Brett Omara – violin / composer, Anna Morris – violin, Michaela Borth – viola, Hillary Flowers – cello

  • Performed for numerous events & massive audiences nationally, including the Nashville Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Syntax Physic Opera, and more.

  • Performed for many corporations including AAA, Red Cross, Comcast, Iceland Air, Toyota, Porsche, Honda, Sherwin Williams, Smuckers and many, many more.

  • Spinphony recently released their first EP entitled ‘Pop Baroque.'

Electric String Quartet ‘Spinphony’ is breaking down barriors between classical rock and pop music, mashing up the genres to a create show accessable to all ages and backgrounds. For example, Don’t Stop Beethoven combines two timeless melodies “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Ode to Joy”. The vision is all about great melodies presented in a style more like a rock band with choreography and backing instruments from either a DJ or band.  Spinphony also writes original music in this new unique style which they call “Pop Baroque”.  They perform more in the style of a rock band than a traditional string quartet with choreographed dance moves and interaction with the audience. Spinphony's unique style and high energy performances will be a hit at your business.


Spinphony is mesmerizing and was the highlight of our awards dinner!  The blend of modern and classical music with a dynamic show meant that not a person left the room and it appealed to our entire group.  I received compliment after compliment about this year’s event being one of the best ever. The only down side of working with Spinphony is you won’t know how to top them for your next event.

  - Mountain West Credit Union

You and your delightful comrades rocked the stage at our IMPACT opening morning. I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you all did, and that afterwards I got MANY MANY requests to know who you were, and major kudos for having such a hip and talented group perform that morning.  So I owe that praise to you!  THANKS AGAIN.. .
You guys were all BRILLIANTLY talented.  I hope that our paths cross again!

  - Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Our attendees were blown away by their HIGH ENERGY PERFORMANCES and distinctive spin on different genres of music, blending classical hits with pop and rock. These AMAZING and uniquely talented virtuosic string players, along with their DJ, embody a refreshing sound that is nothing like anything you have experienced before. We received so many compliments and inquiries from our group praising Spinphony and wanting to know who they were.  

  - National Association of Chain Drug Stores

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