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Tom Coverly

Speaker & Illusionist
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Location: Pensecola, FL
Types of Programs:
  • Anti-Bullying School Assembly
  • Entertaining Illusion Show

Tom Coverly, "The Illusionist", is a professional comedian, magician and motivational speaker.  Tom has performed for millions around the world headlining several tours, sharing the stage with big name celebrities and has been seen on TV (ABC, AMC, FOX).  While he performs at large festivals and big corporations, he has a passion for speaking and performing at schools around the country.

School Assembly


Students learn best with real-life stories, comedy, participation and physical illustrations.   You already knew that.  But what you may not know is that Tom Coverly checks all those boxes & more with his popular "Destroying Illusions" school assembly!  He has quickly become of the most requested school assembly speakers / entertainers in the nation.  Tom tackles important issues that schools can’t afford to avoid.  Bullying in school can do serious damage to the culture and to the individual.  Tom Coverly breaks down the illusions we tell ourselves everyday while engaging and connecting with the audience like few can do.

As a kid, Tom was smaller than his classmates, and he quickly became a victim to bullying. He grew up in rough neighborhood, and he ended up going down the wrong path of stealing, fighting and drinking.  He felt the consequences of his life until a caring person spoke truths into his life.   Today, speaker Tom Coverly has found purpose in his life.  Tom keeps his keynotes real, honest and raw.  With an added effect of comedy & illusion, they never fail to entertain while sending a true message and breaking down even the toughest heart. 


What sets the Destroy Illusions School Assembly apart from other assemblies is the creative approach that touches on a variety of topics during one assembly.  The main focus of the presentation is respecting yourself & others.  Nearly 3 million students have witnessed this as an effective way to captivate and challenge ALL students in the audience.  Tom Coverly will destroy the illusions and lies young people are believing and remind them of truth and reality.  The result is students walking away from the assembly having more self worth, wanting to respect others more, choosing integrity, character, being a real man, real woman, desiring to make wiser choices, stand up against bullying, appreciate the gift of life and see their life with a new found purpose! ​  


Assembly Fast Facts:

  • Tom uses a lot of audience participation. Students love seeing their peers on stage.

  • Students relate to stories, not statistics. Tom uses many heartfelt personal stories along with his comedy & illusion show.

  • The Destroy Illusions is appropriate for elementary, middle, high school & college students. Each assembly is adapted to be topic and age appropriate.

  • No foul language, crude jokes, nor any mention about religion or politics.  

  • There is no mention of politics or religion in any of his school assemblies ever.

  • Tom can do up to four assemblies per school day which includes multi-show price breaks.  Partnering with nearby schools to get this price break is perfectly acceptable.   

  • Program length: 60 minutes but can be shortened to fit schedules; 30-45 minutes for elementary school assemblies with the recommendation that ere be 2 assemblies - one for the lower grades and one for the upper grades.

  • What parents say: "what happened at school that changed their son or daughter for the better?".

  • What teachers & principals say: ""You could hear a pin drop as they listened to Tom. He captured the students attention in such an unbelievable way."

Evening Illusion Show

Tom can do large and small stage shows as well close-up/strolling magic.  There are 3 show options to choose from.


Many schools will host Tom's LIVE ON STAGE comedy & Illusion show the same evening of the school assemblies or you can bring this show in without booking any school assembly.  This is an all ages 60-90 minute show that entertains and unifies the community, home and school for a good clean fun night of laughter,audience participation and mind-blowing illusions.  This show can be set up in a

gym or school auditorium.  (There are special offers for the booking of an assembly and an illusion show on the same day).


Schools, parent committees, PTO, PTA's are always looking to bring in top notch fun entertainment to senior all nighter events.  Tom has performed for hundreds of all nighter these events for schools all across America.  Bring Tom's comedy & illusion LIVE ON STAGE show into some part of the all nighter evening.  Especially if students have seen Tom's assembly early on in the school year, they will love the

fact that you brought him back for a fun night of comedy and illusions.  The stage show is a simple set-up and can be done on a gym floor, bleachers,classroom or auditorium.  Also, Tom can perform close-up illusions as your students wonder around your activity center doing other activities (inflatables, swim, gym, dance, photo booths, watch movies or whatever else your all nighter might have).  

You choose between a 45-60 minute comedy & illusion stage show OR 60 minutes of Roam Around Close-Up Magic.  A combination of both the stage show and the roving magic is also available.


Host Tom's LIVE ON STAGE comedy & Illusion show to raise money for your school, sports program, music program or other school related organization.  Groups have raised thousands of dollars having ticketed events for a show night or a dinner and show night.  You set your own ticket prices. Many schools get local businesses to sponsor and pay Tom's rate and then the school is able to keep

100% of the ticket sales.  This is a 60-90 minute comedy & illusion show.  There is a discount available if you also book Tom for a same-day assembly at the school.  


School Administrators: have you ever had all 300 of your 8th grade students stand in silence as they commit to STAND UP against intolerance and hate?!  Have you ever had a school assembly followed by texts home to parents with "I Love You!" or in-person apologies to peers/teachers that have been disrespected?!  If not, Tom Coverly, the Illusionist, should be booked by your school today!  Tom speaks the language of our students.  The language that you and I, your staff and my staff, cannot speak because of our positions of authority.  The students viewed Tom as someone who GOT THEM, UNDERSTOOD THEM, and REACHED THEM.  900 of my students were moved to make a different in their peer group, school, home, and community.  I have been flooded by positive feedback from parents and this all came from Tom Coverly's unique approach to reaching and motivating my students.  Without a doubt, Tom Coverly was one of the top-three highlights of this school year.  Book him; meet him, enjoy him and what he can accomplish!

 - James Litchfield, Principal

  Heineman Middle School, Algonquin, IL

As Tom spoke, I watched students smile, cry, laugh, hug each other, and take in his message. As a counselor who tries to instill resiliency in all students, I was ever grateful that a guest presented the same encouragement of hope and possibility. Hearing students talk afterward of planning to open doors for their mom and tell her that they love her warmed my heart. This raw, powerful message Tom shared will stick with my students to give them faith in themselves, and their future.

 - Elon Brissette, AuGres-Sims Elementary, Middle School & High School Counselor 


By far the greatest school assembly our school has ever had in my 15 years teaching.

 - Central Mountcalm High School        Teacher, Stanton, MI

In my twenty years in education, he was the most impactful guest that we have ever had. His illusions captured and amazed our students, but little did they know that he would use that theme to challenge them about real-life illusions. He connected with students in a way that I’ve never seen before. Bravo!

Principal, Rice Ave Middle School

Girrard, PA


Thanks again for coming to Meachum Jr. High in Millington. Our students were engaged and still talking about the real-life effects decision making can have on their life days after your appearance. Thanks again for a great message!  

Principal, Meachum Jr. High School

Millington, MI 

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