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Ultimate Strength

Speaker & Performer
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Expertise: Ant-Bullying, Suicide
Anti-Bullying, Choices, Substance Abuse, Family, Self Image

The ultimate school assembly!  Your students will not be bored with the Ultimate Strength Program -- guaranteed.  Not only will their eyes be riveted to the stage - but some young lives could be changed forever due to Jeff's strong and influential message.


  • Power of Positive Choices

  • Confidence Building and Self-Esteem

  • Achievement Against All Odds

  • Affirming Foundational Life Values 

Ultimate Strength goes into schools with a message of truth, hope and encouragement.  Issues like suicide, bullying, drugs, alcohol and self image are addressed as well as the power of choice.  From grade school to high school, kids are taught how to make good choices and to believe in themselves.   Teenagers are challenged to abstain from drugs, alcohol and the use of tobacco.  School assemblies consist of high energy, feats of strength like bending steel bars, snapping baseball bats, ripping phone books in half.   These feats of strength get and keep the attention of students while encouraging them to reach their highest potential.  True stories of failure to success and the power of goals and dreams are shared with the student audience.  The presenters speak into the kids' lives in a way that inspires and encourages.

Reaching today’s youth is not just the mission, but the passion. The presenters want to make our schools, our cities and our country into a better place by empowering kids. They are dedicated to the young and giving them hope, lifting them up, bringing them healing from the past and planting in them personal worth and value.  The students are shown that they can live full, healthy and fulfilling lives today and that they can believe in, and create, a bright future.

Principals and teachers state that these Ultimate Strength assemblies are some of the best they’ve ever had.  But the biggest joy is hearing from the students themselves many sharing that it was great to hear from someone that had been just like them and that they’ve made decisions to start liking themselves, stop hurting themselves and that they now feel hope for their future.

Break down bullying.   Stand strong against peer pressure.  Tear down walls of discrimination.  Crush through adversity.   This message will reach your students and change the atmosphere of your school.


"His displays of strength and presence were awesome.  The students were attentive and impressed... During his motivational talk, the students listened intently to his message that was direct and hit the nail right on the head... I would highly recommend him to any school as a totally awesome presenter."

 - Colby High / Middle School

   Colby, Wisconsin


"His message fit in perfectly with our eight grad curriculum and our overall school goals... I recommend him wholeheartedly to speak and present at your school."

 - Medford Area Middle School

   Medford, Wisconsin

"Jeff Warner was a hit with our 9-12 greaders... I would recommend Jeff Warner to speak to your high school students.  He gets the students to "think" about choices they have made or are about to make."

  - Bemidji High School

    Bemidji, Minnesota

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